It was our pleasure e-West to be accredited as a founder member of QISAN, it has long been our concern that our profession is being eroded by unscrupulous agents who are ill advising students and enrolling them in bogus colleges overseas. We welcomed the initiative by QISAN to develop a quality standard and code of ethics and we were proud to be accredited.
It was also an honour to be voted the International recruitment company of the year by QISAN in 2005, which is a reflection of the standards and care we employ in recruiting and advising students.

Besides, e-West is also registered with British Council and British High Commission. We will be invited for any up to date meetings and seminars arranged by British Council and British High Commission.


  University of Kent  
Students have once again voted the University of Kent among the UK's top ten universities. Figures from this year's National Student Survey (NSS) also show that, for the second year running, Kent is the top university in London and the south-east...
Nottingham Trent University  
Nottingham Trent University is ranked 1st amongst universities in the 2009 Green League for their environmental commitment...
Nottingham Trent University - International Scholarship Scheme  
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